Reform: you will need to become “active and independent” to continue to get you full unemployment benefits

unemployedFact: The Government proposes changes to the Law on Unemployment Security and thus wants to encourage unemployed job seekers to become active and independent in finding employment throughout their unemployment. The proposal relates to the state budget for 2018 and is intended to be discussed in connection with it. The Government submitted a proposal to Parliament on Tuesday, 19 September. The amendments are due to enter into force on 1 January 2018.

The aim of the proposal is said to be to increase employment by 8,000 person-years. The job seeker’s activity would be examined every 65 days of unemployment. Unemployment benefits would remain normal if a job seeker was active, for example, if s/he had worked for three working days during the 65 payment days. If not, there would be a deduction, which would be made both from earnings-related allowance, labor market support and basic allowance. Fulfilling the activity requirements would be possible in many different ways, such as working in the field of paid employment, entrepreneurship or participation in employment promotion services ( among other things, labor market training, self study and work experience).

The aim of the model is said to be to prevent long-term unemployment.

Comment: we are not stupid and can calculate. According to the State statistics office, In July 2017, the number of unemployed persons was 207,000. At the same time, there were 36 800 job vacancies. When 20 000 of these job vacancies are quite difficult to fill due to special requirements in terms of qualifications, it is not easy for a large majority of unemployed people to find a job. So they are going to be be parked in some training or get a “free job experience” in order not to lose their unemployment benefits, instead of looking.  The aim of the model is to show that the government is trying to do something about employment… Sure, it is done in all countries, because it is well-known that unemployed people are unemployed because they don’t look seriously for jobs, isn’t it?

Maybe instead jobs should be created, our old people need a better care at home or in institutions, more personal assistants  for handicapped people are needed in Finland, and we would prefer to have more manned gas stations instead of automatic machines, more staff in trains so that we could pay our ticket to a real person and have more security and human interaction,  more people in the bank’s offices so that we could meet somebody to discuss when we need, and our mail deliveries  all week and not only 3 days a week, as it is now……

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  1. My personal experience is that I found throughout my whole life jobs by asking for it and explaning my scills and what I could do for that company. I allways found a good job although it was not advertised or in other ways published. There are many jobs out there which are not published at all.
    So this concept is very useful to get people back to work step by step.


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