About this site

This website on Finnish politics is managed by Aino Lefebvre and Alain Lefebvre, with the support of international writers. It is non-profit and not linked to any political party.

Its objective is to provide a different view on Finnish politics in different domains, taking into account the national and international events.

Aino Lefebvre is owner and CEO of a small media company called Helvicom Oy, working with customers from Europe to provide content concerning the Nordic countries.

Alain Lefebvre is a political coach active in Finland. He has  been involved in French politics since presidential campaigns in the seventies, and is  the author of several books on the nordic social models. He has assisted a number of French politicians, including Ministers. He has also been coaching some Finnish candidates for the last elections.

Information about political coaching:  Should politicians be coached?

Contact:  Alain Lefebvre

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  1. You need to have a twitter handle and post the link on twitter when there is a new entry in this blog.

    Great work.


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