Should the Air Force of Finland Get Rid of the Swastika?

One interesting proposal…

Teivo Teivainen


One thing that keeps amazing me is to see the Finnish military marching and some of the Air Force guys carrying a swastika. I am not talking only about documentaries from the 1930s. I am talking about today. The image posted above is the current emblem of the Air Force Command.

Swastika-like figures appear in some other official Finnish symbols, including the presidential flag. My focus here is on the one used by the Air Force since it is probably the one that has clearest resemblance with the Nazi symbol. The colors and the position are a bit different, but the association is difficult to avoid.

Foreigners sometimes ask about this oddity. For some of them, more than an oddity, using a symbol so strongly associated with Nazi ideas seems outrageous. Especially when racist nationalism has an increased visibility in various places, including Finland.


If asked, the Finns who…

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  1. Should Israel and Jews stop using hexagram symbol because it is the most used symbol in Satanism?

    Should Christians stop using the cross as a symbol since Satanists use it upside down as in Saint Peters Cross? Nazis were Christians also and used cross symbol. Is that a reason to stop using cross symbols in Christianity and else were?

    There are some Nazi signs here:

    You can’t tell people to stop using symbols that has been used around the world since The Paleolithic era just because some people doing very bad things have used the same symbol. Hexagram, swastika and cross have been mostly used as positive, religious symbols in different regions and religions around the world.

    We could just as well ban all use of symbols since people doing bad things have used the same symbols.


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