Eva Biaudet, candidate for the next Parliamentary election and ombudsman for non-discrimination, tells about discrimination and the situation of human rights in Finland

This interview has been given by Eva Biaudet, some days before she was included in the list of candidates for the Swedish People Party for the next Parliamentary elections. It is focused on her career, on what is important for her and on her activity as the Finnish Ombudsman for non-discrimination. She tells about herself and expresses her views on how the situation of human rights in Finland is threatened by an unwholesome evolution of the Finnish public.

Seeking peace: an interesting debate took place in Helsinki about the future of Ukraine, with activists leaders from Georgia, Russia and Ukraine and Antti Pentikäinen

A debate on the future of Ukraine took place in Helsinki on the 28th of February, with Bessarion Gugushvili, former prime minister of Georgia, Ksenia Vakhrusheva Russian opposition activist, Denis Pertsev, Head of the Ukrainian Association in Finland and Antti Pentikäinen, Executive Director of Finn Church Aid organization,